Swimming under a waterfall

Kuang Si Falls, Ban Long – Lao

According to an ancient legend, when a wise old man summoned the waters of the Nam Si by digging deep into the earth, a golden deer appeared. Probably a manifestation of Buddha, according to the Lao version of Ramayana -Phra Lak Phra Ram- the deer resided there, under the enchanting song of the running waters…

“Life is a waterfall”

Luang Prabang is a magical old city, deep in the valley formed where the Mekong and the Nam Khan river converge, a paradise!

After hearing so much about the legend and the beauty of the waterfall, I decided to spend a day there. I hiked through lush nature, rice paddies, passed by some charming villages with tiny bamboo houses, played with the children I encountered on the way, and finally arrived at the waterpark 😀

A lush rainforest, with thick green canopies surrounding the waters, not revealing everything at once. The weather is extremely hot and the turquoise waters are so tempting! Even though the urge to jump in the water is compelling, be patient, and enjoy the hike… the fairy tale is about to unfold.

The muddy trail swirls like a ribbon inside the heart of the unspoilt jungle, revealing its secrets slowly. In every turn of the trail, you discover a different pool, each one with a distinct beauty.  Plan ahead to spend plenty of time here, in order to explore them all! Take your pace and enjoy, surprises continue as tiny waterfalls cascade through the various pools.

The Kuang Si waterfall is multi-tiered, and in every level a magnificent, naturally formed blue-green lagoon with crystal clear waters, unveils her beauty. Pure harmony…

Lagoons framed by the abundant jungle, countless shades of green around, while the sound of the torrents dominates the atmosphere.


Don’t stop, there is more! Time to enjoy the view from the top of the waterfall. The slippery muddy trail is now more demanding, no pain no gain. Bring your best hiking skills together, in order to enjoy spectacular vistas. When I finally reach the top of the falls, it definitely feels surreal!

I am surrounded by jungle, all alone!

“You free your life”

But that is not all! The jungle has another secret to reveal, if you are daring enough…

A secret cave near a spring.


Time to visit the lady of the lake… jump in the water,playtime.

Oh, it’s chilly!! The swim in the lake is refreshing and fun. Near the shore it is quiet and calm, but as you move to the center, the power of the waters remind you that nature is in command.

Oops, something’s stinging me … all over!

“Don’t worry, you are inside the fish spa! It improves blood circulation  and the skin!” responds while smiling, my  guide Phou (mountain, in Laotian).

Damn, the fish are biting! … well, let them bite! I am going to play with the water now!

“’Cause we are the ones that want to play”

I went there once more, I couldn’t get enough. Additionally, I wanted to show this indescribable beauty to my spanish friends, with whom I was hanging around in Luang Prabang. Well, with the boys we also enjoyed a feast after the swim, while admiring the gorgeous view. Eating at the terrace of the restaurant Khao Niaw (sticky rice), Tam Mak Hoong (Papaya salad), Mok Paw(steamed fish wrapped in banana leaves), and other spicy, mouthwatering delicacies along with BeerLao, of course.

A secluded paradise, a few kilometers drive from Luang Prabang. A dazzling piece of heaven.

“and if you find that moment, It lasts forever.“