Sanssouci, poetry and Voltaire

The Sanssouci Palace was built in a period of two years, its name is derived from a French phrase, ‘sans souci’, which means ‘without worries’, carefree.

An elegant rococo summer palace, the ‘Versailles of Berlin’, surrounded by a large park in Potsdam, a few kilometers outside Berlin. The scenery is spectacular, with architectural treasures scattered among exquisite gardens, fountains, and vineyards.

The vast baroque park area is decorated with gorgeous buildings and palaces, temples, churches, a Chinese teahouse, Roman baths and amazing statues decorating  the area. The park is listed among the World Heritage Sites of UNESCO, as a ‘cultural property of exceptional quality’.

The Sanssouci palace was the summer home of Friedrich the great, a quiet resort for the Prussian king and his famous intellectual guests, who fulfilled his passion for French art and culture. Voltaire was a frequent guest at the palace, acting as a tutor to the king, teaching him ways to improve his poetry. The Voltaire room, also known as flower room was his residence for nearly three years.