Like a mirage riding on the desert sand
Like a vision floating with the desert winds
Know the secret of the ancient desert lands
You are the keeper of the mystery in your hands

Nomad, you’re the rider so mysterious
Nomad, you’re the rider of the desert sands
You send before you a mystique that’s all your own
The Nomad
 -- Iron Maiden - Brave new world (2000)
Fly on your way, like an eagle
Fly as high as the sun
On your way, like an eagle
Fly and touch the sun…
Flight of Icarus
-- Iron Maiden - Brave new world (2000)

The mighty Iron Maiden is nothing less than a metal legend. They’ve been rocking our world for more than forty years, since forming in east London back in 1975. After attending their last show in my hometown, Athens, I felt completely mesmerized by their performance and the quality of the whole show. With my friends, we kept discussing for days the effect it had on us.

So, I asked two precious friends of mine, a simple question. What does the Iron maiden mean for them? I also asked my treasured friend AlexDio, to share with us the amazing photos he managed to capture, from inside the pit of fire! 🧡

Let’s join them in travelling back, from the beginning until now, through their memories and photos

Thank you, boys, love you all, so much!!! 🧡

My beloved Paris, shares with us, his feelings towards this incredible band:

Having the opportunity to talk about my favourite music genre, and more specifically about my favourite heavy metal band, makes me feel like a child who was given sweets and chocolate! My inner child is jumping like there’s no tomorrow! So here it goes, Iron Maiden ladies and gents, and the trip is about to start.

To be honest, I consider myself lucky, because my father was into rock and some heavy metal, so he introduced me to Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, Jethro Tull, and Deep Purple since I was in my cradle. Then one fateful day in 1992, my father called me to watch some music video clips on a local TV channel. And this was the first time I saw Iron Maiden and Fear Of The Dark. It was like a new world opened in front of my eyes. I was staring without even blinking and still, 30 years later I remember everything I felt or did at that point. I asked my father who were they and once he told me, I tried without big success to pronounce correctly their name, for almost half a day. That was the beginning of my journey with Iron Maiden.

There was no internet back then, and the only heavy metal music magazine was still unknown to me, later on, my mother bought me my first Metal Hammer without even asking her (again got really lucky). Everything I started to learn about Iron Maiden, was from a couple of friends and my local record store (forever thankful Stelios). So steady and slowly I started to gather their records in the form of cassette tapes (before even the CD form). So Fear Of The Dark was the first to buy, then came Number Of The Beast and Killers (mostly bought it because I was struck by the cover), and learned about their first singer. But my biggest shock came with Powerslave! I was blown away. I stopped studying for school and I made a life purpose to learn the lyrics of each song (and still remember them ‘till now). The aggression and lyricism within the songs, the lyrics, the melodies, the Egyptian concept of the album, the absolutely fantastic cover, everything in its whole made me listen to that tape non-stop for months until it was so wasted that I couldn’t play it anymore! So I bought it again! 

Slowly but steady their records were reaching my hands and ears, my room had become a temple of them and I couldn’t stop on one poster or flag! I had to have them all! Then, the time had come to watch them for the first time live, the year was 1999 and Bruce Dickinson and Andrian Smith had rejoined Maiden after some years. Well, the 17-year-old Paris and his friends, almost flew to Peristeri (An area in Athens) to watch them! Since then, I have watched them 4 times and I hope I can watch them even more.

Describing what this band means to me is not that easy! Not because I can’t find the words but because it feels too personal. ‘Till this day I’ll watch a video live on YouTube and I might drop a tear. From joy, because I love their music and even their personalities. I learned later on as I grew up, that musicians are also artists, but also humans with weaknesses. And they sure have some as I do also, and everybody else has! But what matters to me is the music, which still gives my 40-year-old self chills and skipping a heartbeat or even shed a tear from happiness! I don’t consider them the best heavy metal band out there, every one of us has different experiences, learned and loved, and still loves different bands. It’s all understandable and I have only respect for it. But my luck brought Iron Maiden to me and I embraced them!

The figure of their captain Steve Harris still headbanging like there is no tomorrow, the air siren he still is, regardless of the throat cancer he fought -Bruce Dickinson, the acrobatics and playfulness of Janick Gerrs, the surgical guitar play of Adrian Smith, the steady and trustworthy guitar play of Dave Murray and the signature drum play of Nicko McBrain will ALWAYS be in my heart, even when the inevitable time of them retiring will come! Iron Maiden was there in some of my darkest hours and their music helped me and filled me with hope and courage! I could still write tons of stuff, but I think you got an idea why I love this band.

Up The Irons!
-- Paris Dimitropoulos.
Paris and his priceless memorabilia 🧡

My precious GeoMir describes his passionate journey with this extraordinary band: (he’s an amazing artist 🧡  his music will definitely travel you to faraway eras and places!)

“Seven deadly sins, seven ways to win, seven holy paths to hell and your trip begins…”

When I pressed the play button in my tape recorder, I would never imagine that the biggest trip of my life has just begun. You see, this was my first Iron Maiden album and my first metal album in general, as a high school student, more than 30 years ago…

Since then, I have listened to thousands of metal bands of any possible kind, from traditional heavy metal up to technical brutal death metal and symphonic majestic black metal. Wonderful bands full of talent and inspiration, which made my everyday life beautiful.

However, one specific band will always be the first one in my heart, my first love, and nothing can change that. This band is the one that started everything: Iron Maiden.

What’s not to love about Iron Maiden? The straight in-your-face metal music? The wonderful, diverse lyrics, covering all kinds of literature and mythology, honoring all the different cultures of the world? One of the best (maybe THE best) heavy metal singer of all time? The beyond description energy of the band in each and every one of their live concerts?

Iron Maiden for me is not just music. It is a lifetime experience, never to be extinguished! It is a magnificent journey through Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, through satanic rituals, abandoned graveyards, historical battlefields, even mystical prophecies and Lovecraftian horrors, a never-ending journey through the dark, with the band being the only shining light that guides me.

I always like to discover new kinds of metal (and music in general). But whatever I do, I always return to Iron Maiden. And I cannot thank them enough – from the bottom of my heart – for being always there for me.

My only recommendation to people of any age who love music, any kind of music, is simple: Start listening to Iron Maiden right now! Do not waste more time of your musical journey! Life is short!


Credit: Twitter / Iron Maiden @IronMaiden

Credit: Twitter / Iron Maiden @IronMaiden