curly friends

It does not matter that you are not here in person, as long as you are here in my heart.
– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

What my friends say about me:

Adventurous, fearless, daring, curious, open-minded, restless, sensible, reasonable, enthusiastic, active, just the perfect amount of crazy… and absolutely useless at packing a travel bag! Each one of her travels is a proper ritual, from choosing a destination to organising details, getting there, getting around and coming home safe, full of memories, experiences, feelings and thousands of photos and stories to share!– Vasiliki
Natasa is the person you meet and only moments later you are convinced you know each other from a previous life.. She is pure light! She shares and she listens, she guides and she teaches. Her eyes, laughter and passion for life rejuvenate you. She is a citizen of the world but you almost feel she doesn’t belong in this one.. The whole world is her country and all people her family. I’m glad to feel like a small part of that ever expanding circle.– Phillip

The first thing that someone has to know about her is that, once you get to meet her, you will find yourself chatting about subjects that you may never chatted before with anyone. She is majestic and kind, she´s a role model for every human being for her kindness, her hard work, her knowledge of several things in life, her wonderful family, her unconditional love. She just loves and admires everything about nature. Nothing can stop her from being her. Nothing and no one wanted or will ever want to stop her. – Despina
Natassa—the Curly Nomad, is a very fitting name for a loving, spirited woman. I have known Natassa to always be open to new adventures, new cultures, new languages, and new experiences. I deeply appreciate, and enjoy, her passion for travel, as well as her inviting and loving character! So, if she’s coming to a country near you, be ready to connect, and meet, an awesome, adventurous, ‘eager to explore’ Curly Nomad! – Farshaad

My Natassa is in manner and substance different to everyone else’s. Different for and to me. Unseen as I see her.
I call her Nat.
Nat is my friend.
A friend is a masterpiece of nature.

People will meet and see her and thrust a long list of qualities; and those are of value without question. I know her.
I know her to be.. most overwhelmingly, simply,( luckily, thankfully,) human.

Of all the souls she has encountered in her travels;
of all the mystic, eye filling, soul completing, beauty that she has reached and has known and has gracefully
added substance to;
of all the prayers she may have uttered, spoken within the most unimaginably true and touching moments a
person may ever hope to traverse through;
of all the human connection she may have added to this desperately, imperfectly wanting world, and does
she, oh does she oh so effortlessly;
she defines.. a human existence – a human train of thought. The human condition.

I see her as such. And I can’t help but admire this truth as my friend, is, just is, next to me whenever I see her.

Nat must travel. It is her nature. It’s as important as the air one breathes. Or water to quench a thirst. Focu ca si consuma.
The world. The world is one. It’s our world. It’s the best and worst of all that there is, of all that exists.
Nat is one with the world.
I wish her no end of this.
As anything else would be a waste of material.

Her motives. No. I will not say. Her feelings. The hope she carries.
Only that they push her to heal. To excel. To better herself and everything other, everyone else. To create and
augment meaning to life. For people. For herself. For us all. For the undiscovered country. For the future.
And to paladin away evil. A ready sword. A black and white weapon of principled virtue. One that knows no
tolerance to approximation. She’ll use it to do good. And no harm.
There exist some that have come as war gods before their father. seeking magic and weapons. to eliminate the
monsters of the world;
Knowing full well all terrible toll, this has been my hope for her (as has been for myself) – a path she continuously
remains true to.

Of my friend, I can only say this:
Nat wields the sword. She will bring and bear and use it as she travels this world.
And she will never stop. Never concede. Never give in.

She’ll continue to travel and hand out hope.
A defiant glimmer for a future not so dimmed for mankind.
I know this.
I know because I, wield the magic.
You have my thoughts little one 🙂  -Ioannis

Curly nomad isn’t another travel blogger; Nat is somehow constantly dating the world; Flirting with different cultures, letting us graciously taste small zips of her adventures every now and then  -Danae

Here is my secret. It’s quite simple…

One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.
– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince