Place of the dawning sun

Just imagine yourself as a wandering archaeologist, someone like Indiana Jones, strolling through the Tulum ruins, climbing the El Castillo (to be honest, it is now forbidden, nevertheless one can dream…) hiking all the way up to the Temple of the wind, to gaze at the emerald waters of the Caribbean and smell the fresh breeze of the ocean. While you’re there, after absorbing all this beauty, why not climb down the steep stairs and enjoy the rejuvenating waters of the magnificent beach?

I have another one for you, hopefully you have seen the movie “Against all odds” … now picture yourself as Rachel Ward, on top of the cliff, trying to imprint the astonishing landscape with your  paintbrush, while Jeff Bridges comes from the beach, calling your name.  🙂

You can easily wander with your mind while you are inside this formidable Mayan city, built on the edge of steep cliffs, overlooking the white sandy beach and the turquoise waters. Previously known as Zamá, meaning “place of the dawning sun”, Tulum was a seaport, one of the few enclosed cities. With three walls and the Caribbean coral reef surrounding her, this ancient fortress provided safety to its citizens.

Let your imagination run through time, and picture daily life in this busy city. Walk to the Temple of the Frescoes, and watch history unfold in front of your eyes, on the well-preserved murals on the walls. Feel the magic of the ruins, as you follow the numerous depictions of the Descending God, an extremely important deity to the Mayans, believed to represent birth and renewal.

To enhance the experience even more, especially if you are an iguana-aficionado like me, you will find yourself playing with the gorgeous inhabitants of the ancient city, the numerous iguanas guarding the place, looking at the visitors, sunbathing and oh, it is a whole bunch of them!

Exceptional time travel, an exquisite ancient city with stories and mysteries, a spectacular beach and … did I mention? Iguanas! 🧡 what are you waiting for?